About Sialoendoscopy
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updated 4/27/2015

Dr Lindman has extensive experience in treating patients with recurrent salivary gland swelling and discomfort since 2009.  Augusta ENT and Doctor's Hospital of Augusta have partnered together to provider the best minimally-invasive treatment option available.

Preprocedure Visit

Dr Lindman will evaluate patients with recurrent salivary swelling in one of our two convenient locations.  You can expect to receive a comprehensive evaluation and examination that day to determine whether you are or are not a good candidate for sialoendoscopy.  Please contact 706-868-5676 for an appointment.

Out of town patients

Dr Lindman and the staff of Augusta ENT want to work to ensure your visit to Augusta is as efficient and comfortable as possible.  At a minimum he will want to review the following results:

CT scan of the neck with and without contrast (images on a disk and report)

Antinuclear antibody, SSA, SSB and rheumatoid factors (blood test)

These tests should be arranged and ordered by your local physician/otolaryngologist as Dr Lindman cannot order tests on individuals he has not seen.

DISCLAIMER:  Viewing your test results and speaking to you over the telephone (prior to an office visit) is offered as a courtesy for some out of town individuals only.  Acknowledged by Dr Lindman and the individual is therefore the lack of existence of a physician-patient relationship until the individual formally establishes that relationship with Dr Lindman as demonstrated by their presence in the clinic.  

Please mail these results to and contact Dr Lindman's nurse to schedule an appointment.  Please allow up to 5-10 business days for your results to be received and be reviewed by Dr Lindman.  Oftentimes the initial in-person consultation and procedure can be coordinated for a single trip.  There are a number of local hotels which offer discounts for patients who have surgery at Doctor's Hospital.

Augusta ENT

Attention Jonathan P Lindman, MD, FACS

340 North Belair Rd.  Evans, GA  30809


The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and lasts between 15 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the complexity of your problem.  An overnight stay in the hospital is not usually necessary.  There are no scars or external incisions.

After the Procedure

Resuming a normal diet and lifestyle as soon as possible are the goals of Dr Lindman each time he performs sialoendoscopy.  You can review the postoperative instructions here.