Audiology Accessories

We carry a complete line of batteries that fit all hearing aids. You can join our Battery Club. Talk to any of our Audiologist for details.
Super Dri-Aid
Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Dampness, humidity and body moisture reduce their sensitivity, shorten battery life and cause corrosion. Where moisture conditions are excessive, the sensitive microphone and receiver may even become inoperable. Both the Hal-Hen® Super Dri-Aid™ and the Hal-Hen® Mini Super Dri-Aid™ protect all types of hearing aids from moisture.
TV Ears
TV Ears was designed to help individuals with a mild to severe hearing loss. Compatible with Plasma and LCD flat screen TVs and in the presence of florescent lights, TV Ears is 3 times more powerful than a standard over-the-counter headset. TV Ears features adjustable volume and tone to customize hearing requirements and quick charge rechargeable battery system.
Amplified Telephone
Amplified phone for individuals with hearin loss. Feature include variable amplification levels, large easy to read buttons and memory options.