Allergy Testing And Treatment Options
By Augusta ENT
September 09, 2016
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Explore Your Allergy Testing And Treatment Options

Overwhelmed with allergies? An allergy involves a reaction by your immune system, often to common substances such as pollen or foods. Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and swelling. If you have allergies and live in AllergiesAugusta, you should go see a doctor. Read on to learn about allergy testing and treatment options.

Allergy Testing Options

Prick Testing: A prick test checks for allergic reactions to around 40 different substances at once. The prick test is usually done to identify allergies to foods, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen. About 15 minutes after the skin pricks, your doctor observes your skin for signs of allergic reactions.

RAST Testing: A RAST test is a blood test that can measure your immune system's response to specific allergens. The test is often used in cases of individuals who cannot tolerate skin prick tests because of extreme sensitivity, eczema, or the need to continue taking antihistamines.

Intradermal Testing: The intradermal test involves injecting a small amount of the allergen solution into the skin. The intradermal test is typically performed when a substance doesn't cause a reaction in the SPT but it still suspected as an allergen for that individual.

Allergy Treatment Options

Environmental Control: Environmental control is the most effective treatment for allergies. Environmental control may involve running an air purifier, placing a dehumidifier in your basement, or wearing a mask. Your environmental control treatment plan depends on the specific allergens you are allergic to.

Medications: There are several types of allergy medications available to treat and ease your allergy symptoms. These allergy medications include decongestants, antihistamines, combination drugs, and others.

Allergy Shots: Allergy shots help your body get used to the substances that trigger an allergic reaction. Each allergy shot contains a small amount of the substances that are causing your allergy symptoms. Allergy shots are not a cure, but in time, you may not have symptoms as often.

Allergies can affect your day-to-day activities and make life frustrating and miserable. Get relief today with your Augusta allergy doctors! Call Augusta ENT at 706-868-5676 today to schedule your appointment. We will provide all the relief you need, with relatively little expense or hassle.