Managing Your Allergies
By Augusta Ear Nose and Throat
February 14, 2019
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Allergic reactions complicate the lives of millions of American children and adults. The CDC estimates that 50 million Americans struggle Allergieswith an allergy every year. As many as 50 percent of school aged children may have sensitivity to an allergen according to statistics published by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. Your allergy symptoms won’t interfere as much with your daily life if you can keep them at bay with the help of an ENT. The team at Augusta ENT in Aiken, SC and Evans and Augusta, GA, can help you understand and manage your allergies.

What Are Allergies?
Your body's immune system is constantly working to keep you free from diseases and infections. Sometimes it can become overactive and negatively react to elements that are usually perfectly safe. This is when allergy symptoms surface. An allergy can be defined as any abnormal manifestation of symptoms due to contact with an allergen. These symptoms may include itchy skin, rashes and hives, runny nose, coughing and sneezing, or digestive disturbances.

Allergy Management by Your ENT
Allergies eventually subside on their own, but the effects can last for an unreasonably long time. In this case and when the symptoms are very severe you should get allergy help from an Aiken, SC and Evans and Augusta, GA, ENT. These are some of the treatments available:

- Medication to alleviate the allergic reaction (antihistamine pills, sprays, or skin creams).
- Blood or skin prick test to diagnose allergy.
- Immunotherapy treatments, which are shots administered by your ENT over a period of time.

Allergy Management at Home
It can be difficult to avoid allergy triggers at home, especially when you live in certain environments. But there are a few tips that could help reduce your exposure to potential allergens:

- Memorize the specific allergens revealed by your allergy test (including food, air, and skin allergens).
- Add an air purifier to your home to remove dander and pollen from the air.
- Keep the windows closed on high pollen count days.
- Wear a face mask when cleaning or doing yard work.
- Wash clothes with sensitive skin hypoallergenic detergents.

Reign in Your Allergy Symptoms
Manage your allergies with the help of an ENT at Augusta ENT, located in Aiken, SC, and Evans and Augusta, GA. As a team, you can better understand the triggers and how to control them. Call (803) 649-0003 for the Aiken, SC, location or (706) 868-5676 for the Augusta and Evans, GA, location today to schedule your visit.