What Could Be Causing Your Sinus Problems?
By Augusta Ear Nose and Throat
March 10, 2017
Category: ENT
Tags: Sinus Problems  

Chronic sinusitis - ongoing sinus infection - is a problem that affects 1 in 7 American adults, according to the CDC. This makes sinus-sinus problemsrelated problems one of the chief complaints from patients at Augusta Ear Nose and Throat in Aiken, SC, Evans, GA and Augusta, GA. Our team of otolaryngologists has identified a few of the main causes behind sinus problems here.

Nasal polyps

If the passages from the nose to the sinuses are blocked, it may lead to chronic sinus problems. Nasal polyps are commonly treated by your ENT as a cause for sinusitis. These small, soft tissue growths are painless and benign, and many people aren't aware of their presence, but larger polyps may prevent normal sinus drainage. Oral steroids like prednisone or a nasal spray containing steroids can help to shrink the polyps and reduce sinusitis symptoms. For extreme cases, surgery to remove the polyps may be the most effective option.

Deviated septum

If the septum - the middle portion of the nose that divides the nostrils - is severely crooked, it can also block breathing and sinus drainage. Some people are born with this imbalance, while others acquire it from an injury. Your Aiken, Evans, and Augusta ENT will do a thorough evaluation of the structure of your nose to determine if a deviated septum is causing your sinus problems. Surgery to reduce the cartilage and tissue on the crooked side of the septum yields excellent results.


The sneezing, irritated eyes and itching nose associated with allergies affect many people worldwide. But the inflammation that happens inside the sinuses may be making your allergies even worse. By discussing your medical history with your ENT, you may discover that the allergies you've been dealing with for most of your life are the main cause of your sinus problems. There are many different kinds of medication and nasal sprays to combat allergies; avoiding triggers like dust, animal dander or mold may also help prevent flare-ups.

There are other causes of sinusitis, including immune-related conditions and exposure to pollution. If you have sinus problems, we at Augusta Ear Nose and Throat can help you uncover the cause behind them. Contact the office that's most convenient for you - Augusta, GA, Evans, GA or Aiken, SC- to find relief from your sinus problems!