Day of Surgery

We understand that surgery can be a stressful event so we have provided the following information to help you feel more at ease during your time with us.

Do not eat anything for at least eight (8) hours before your arrival time at the surgery center. You may have clear liquids (water, apple juice, Gatorade/pedialyte, tea or black coffee) up to two (2) hours before your scheduled time of arrival.

The first thing you will do upon arriving at the surgery center is check in with our receptionist. She will give you some papers to fill out. We do our best to assign you an arrival time so that your wait will be minimal. However, sometimes surgeries take longer than expected and there are delays. You can rest assured that your surgeon will give you that same time and quality of care. Be aware that we have more than one surgeon operating so sometimes people arriving after you may be called in ahead of you. Light snacks are provided in a vending machine in the snack area for visitors after their family member has gone back to the OR. Please be considerate of the patients who are still awaiting surgery and confine your eating to this assigned area.

In as timely a manner as possible, you will be called into Admitting. This is where you will be prepared to go to the operating room. You will put on a hospital gown, be weighed, have your temperature and other vital signs taken. If you are an adult and an IV is necessary it will be started by an experienced nurse.

Your doctor and the anesthesiologist will speak with you at the bedside before you are taken back to the OR. Make sure to ask them any questions you may have at this time. In Admitting, you will also meet your OR nurse. She will ask you some routine questions, such as, “Does you have any allergies to medication?” and “When was the last time you had anything to eat or drink?”

When it is time for your procedure to start, the OR nurse will bring you into the OR. From that time on she will stay with you until the surgery is completed and you are in the recovery room. Family members will return to the reception area. It is important that someone with that patient stay in the reception area during the entire operation. The surgeon will come out and speak with them them as soon as the surgery is over. During that time the anesthesiologist and OR nurse are caring for you. They will take you to the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) to continue waking up from anesthesia and begin the recovery period.

We perform many different procedures and recovery periods are highly individualized The person accompanying you need not be concerned if there is a delay in their being brought into the PACU. Often times this just means that you, the patient, are still asleep. Be assured, the PACU nurses are specially trained in easing any discomfort you may experience postoperatively. Once you are settled in the recovery room your visitor will be escorted to your bedside. For safety reasons only 1 adult visitor will be allowed in the PACU. The PACU nurse will go over the written home care instructions with you and your caregiver. You will then be discharged to the care of a responsible adult to drive you home. You must have an adult stay with you for the first 24 hours after your surgery.