The Imaging Center of Augusta ENT

The Imaging Center of Augusta ENT operates a state-of-the-art computed tomography (CT) unit favorably located both in the Augusta and Evans locations.  We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our patients a high level of convenience and affordability when it comes to their imaging needs.  In order to expedite your care, oftentimes the scan and followup visit can be coordinated the same day. A CT scan uses special advanced x-rays to gather many images from different angles of your body. The CT scan works by utilizing a rotating x-ray device along with a digital computer to capture detailed cross-sectional and three dimensional images of body tissues and organs. The machine captures these images in sections that resemble slices of bread, allowing clinicians to see the entire surface of a single section. Combined, all of these sections produce a 3-dimensional image.

The Imaging Center of Augusta ENT

How small is the hole I have to go into?  I'm claustrophobic?

Patients with claustrophobia don't need to worry.  You will have plenty of open space around you.

 Catscan The Imaging Center of Augusta ENT

Why do I need this exam?

CT scans are helpful in highlighting bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels very clearly, allowing your ENT to examine your body in more detail.  This can aid in providing more accurate diagnoses for such health problems such as cancer, infection and trauma.  All images are reviewed by board-certified radiologists. Those patients with pacemakers or other metallic devices can safely undergo a CT scan, as opposed to an MRI exam.  If there is any possibility that you are pregnant, inform your doctor or the technologist prior to the scan.

How long will the exam take?


Please allow approximately 10-15 minutes for most CT scans. Scan times do vary, depending upon whether an exam is performed with or without IV contrast. NOTE:  If you are having a CT exam which requires IV contrast, all medications containing METFORMIN (Glucophage), must be discontinued 24 hours prior to, and 48 hours after the study.

What happens after the exam?


Your exam will be interpreted by an experienced, board-certified radiologist.  A report will be sent to your otolaryngologist at Augusta ENT within 24 hours. Your physician will review your clinical history simultaneously with your CT exam results to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment plan.  You may receive the outcome of your test by telephone or at a followup visit.

Is the scan safe for children?

The long-term risks of exposure to medical radiation are small but real.  The diagnostic value that a CT can provide in the short-term usually far outweighs the long-term risks.  The physicians and CT technicians of Augusta ENT, however, recognize the risks of excessive radiation exposure, especially in children. We are proud to follow the Image Gently guidelines outlined by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. By following these techniques, we can help reduce the risks of radiation exposure in all of our pediatric patients requiring CT imaging.


Specific Preparations

Patients should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes for their CT exam.  Patient preparation for a CT examination involves removing any articles of clothing or jewelry that might degrade the CT images, such as belts, earrings, bras, glasses, dentures, hairpins, zippers and snaps.  In some cases the patient may be asked to wear a gown.

  • Brain/Head with contrast - No solid foods for 4 hours before exam. Clear liquids may be consumed.
  • Brain/Head without contrast - No preparation is required.
  • Chest/Thorax - No solid foods for 4 hours before exam. Clear liquids may be consumed.
  • Neck (soft tissue) - Nothing to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to exam.
  • Sinuses - No preparation is required.
  • Temporal Bone (ear) - Nothing to eat or drink for 4 hours prior to exam if contrast is used.


Our facility participates with a wide variety of insurance carriers. If you have specific questions regarding your benefits, it is advisable to check with your insurance carrier prior to your exam date.  Our office staff makes an effort to have all scans pre- certified by your insurance carrier prior to completing the test.  


Our facility of acreddited by the American College of Radiology.  The CT accreditation program involves a stringent set of requirements including submission of clinical and phantom images, radiation dose measurements and scanning protocols.  By following these guidelines, The Imaging Center of Augusta ENT provides the best quality CT scans to their patients.