Preparing For Surgery

Please read these instructions and be sure to follow them carefully.

Surgery Forms


  • Please call the 800 number on your insurance card to verify the In-Network labs to use in the event we obtain specimens or bloodwork. You will need to indicate the participating laboratories on the lab release form included in the surgery packet.
  • Make arrangements to have a responsible adult be with you to drive you home after surgery.
  • You must have an adult stay with you for the first 24 hours after your surgery.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany a minor.
  • A nurse from the surgery center will contact you the day before surgery for your arrival time.
  • Due to limited space, please limit family to two (2) people.
  • Please do not take any aspirin products (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, Goody powders, etc.) as well as herbs and vitamins two (2) weeks prior to your surgery date.

Day Prior to Surgery

  • Shower or bathe the night before or the morning of surgery.
  • Do not use lotions or oils on the skin the night before or the morning of surgery.
  • Deodorant is permitted.
  • Do not eat anything for at least eight (8) hours before your arrival time at the surgery center.
  • You may have clear liquids (water, apple juice, Gatorade/pedialyte, tea or black coffee) up to two (2) hours before your scheduled time of arrival.

Day of Surgery

  • Do not use lotions or oils on the skin the night before or the morning of surgery.
  • Do not wear any make-up, nail polish, hairpins or jewelry to the surgery center.
  • Do not bring money or valuables.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • For the safety of our employees, the door of the surgery center will not be unlocked until 6:30 am.
  • If you routinely take prescription medications, you may do so until three (3) hours prior to your arrival time, unless you have been directed otherwise by your surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  • Notify the surgeon of any change in your physical condition (fever, cold, sore throat, etc.) before the surgery.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing and shoes that slip on easily. No jeans, pantyhose, high heels or boots. You may bring socks to wear.
  • An anesthesiologist will talk to you on the day of your surgery and answer any questions you may have regarding anesthesia.
  • Bring your insurance card.
  • Please bring a bottle or sippy cup for infants or small children for use after surgery.
  • If you are using CPAP or BiPAP at home, bring your equipment with you along with a full face mask.
  • Do not wear lotion or cologne
  • Bring your pre-op paperwork