Sleep Studies

If you have evidence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea you may be scheduled for an overnight sleep study (polysomnogram). The study consists of monitoring multiple parameters, including:

  • continuous overnight oxygen saturations
  • electrocardiography (EKG)
  • electroencephalography (EEG)
  • electromyelography (EMG)
  • oculography
  • air flow sensor
  • snoring detector

We also monitor your chest and abdominal muscle movements.
Once you arrive at one of our sleep labs, you will be directed to one of our comfortable rooms, designed to make you feel as if you were at home. The Augusta ENT sleeping quarters are furnished with Tempur-Pedic ® beds. A trained sleep technician will place multiple sensors on your head and body in order to effectively monitor your sleep. The information obtained from the sleep study allows an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes a second night study is necessary to titrate a CPAP unit to the pressure setting that provides adequate relief of your snoring and obstruction.